Election Sunday will provide some advantages to expats

The runoff presidential election is Sunday and there are a few benefits for expats.

The toll booths will not be operating on highways managed by the government. These include the Bernardo Soto, General Cañas, Florencio del Castillo and Braulio Carrillo.

The idea is to make traveling to the voting locations easier. Although many voters live near the polls, some who may have moved or never changed their location have to travel some distances.

At least in San José there will be no prohibition on buying and consuming alcohol. Under the new alcohol law, each canton can make a decision of how these traditional rules are enforced. Other cantons will prohibit sales and consumption.

The tourism industry has long called for flexibility in the rule during election day and also Semana Santa. The usually general election day in Costa Rica, the first Sunday in February, also happens to be the date for the annual U.S. football Super Bowl. That has caused trouble in the past.

However, expats will find few activities Sunday.  The Tribunal Supremo de Elecciones forbids organized activities like professional soccer games and similar because they may distract voters. In addition, the valley rail line will not be running its tourism service to Cartago and Heredia Sunday.

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