English-teaching program expands its scope

Global TESOL College Costa Rica said Sunday that it has formed a partnership with the Amistad Institute that expands student experience outside the classroom.

Global TESOL College provides the training for those who would teach English as a second language. Amistand Institute is a Spanish immersion and volunteer organization that will offer those services to teaching students.

“Many of the students in our month-long program crave a deeper connection with the Costa Rican culture,” said Global TESOL College Costa Rica owner Andre Sigourney in a news release. “They are looking to not only earn a teaching certificate, but to learn Spanish and make a positive impact on the community.”

Amistad Institute hosts students from around the world who travel to Costa Rica to study Spanish and to volunteer. “We have been very successful over the years with our full-service programs and housing in Heredia. Now we have a new, second location at the beach in the central Pacific town of Jacó,” Amistad Institute director, Marco Bolaños, said, also in a release.

“Having partnered with Global TESOL College, we are able to offer what many students have always desired: volunteering, Spanish emersion, and accreditation to teach English that is recognized worldwide. These are real life skills that our graduates can take with them forever.”

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