Escazú and San José reject dry law for Semana Santa

Drink up, San José. And Escazú, too.

Both municipalities have chosen not to enforce the alcohol dry law for today and tomorrow.

A new law allows local governments to make that decision.

The Municipalidad de San José said on its Facebook page that some news outlets had stated in error that the dry law will be enforced.  Some municipalities are doing so but not San José.

The Municipalidad de Escazú also used its Facebook page to state that the dry law will not be enforced there either.

Both municipalities are closed for Samana Santa except for critical services.

In the past, the decision was in the hands of the central government, which ordered the Fuerza Pública to enforce the law by sealing bars and covering alcohol sections in supermarkets.

That led to the creation of illegal bars in many neighborhoods, and tourism operators complained that the ban hurt their business.

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