Even Bulgarians have made it to Festival de Artes

Lining the path that introduces patrons to the 2014 Festival Internacional de las Artes in Parque la Sabana are tents that represent different countries. Each of them contains artwork and accessories. There are tents for Ecuador, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Argentina, and even Bulgaria.

Six artists from the Eastern European country will have their work represented in the collection that will be available today until April 13. Their work includes biblical design pieces used for protection in Bulgarian homes, handmade flasks, and intricate ceramics.

Though five of the artists couldn’t make the nearly 7,000-mile trip from Bulgaria, artist Zornitza Gurova did. Her representative and translator, Ana Petrova, said it’s the first time the festival has hosted the Bulgarians.

“This is our first time here but hopefully not our last,” she said.

The other shops and stands from predominantly Latin American countries include marble and stone statues from Nicaragua, hemp-fabric purses and accessories from Guatemala, and shirts from Ecuador.

In the field to the left the Spanish art group Ingenio Catalán has set up nature-inspired sculptures made from industrial materials and scrap metal called Katakrac. Falling under Spain’s bulevar category of art, pieces that look like they were made out of old gym equipment are turned into a giant crab or an ornate flamingo. The common theme for bulevar pieces is that the playful and interactive exhibits are created from recycled materials. The group has three other displays that will also be featured throughout the park for the festival’s entirety.

Even the Ministerio de Economia, Industria y Comercio de Costa Rica is sponsoring a tent of woodwork and other crafts. They are associated with a group of 31 entrepreneurs who are part of the ministry’s initiative to sponsor businesses that create and improve on Costa Rican products. These pieces are supposed to concentrate on the country’s identity, while promoting the works to demanding markets that value such innovative creations.

A group of French language students from Tecnológico de Costa Rica that will represent the region at the Solar Decathlon 2014 in France will be at the festival’s opening day representing the Casa de la Francofonía that they helped build.

The display will be officially inaugurated by ambassadors from Canada, Switzerland, and France behind the skating rink at 2 p.m.

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