Here’s a way to handle those brazen motorcyclists

Dear A.M. Costa Rica:

This is in response to the small story you published on motorcycle deaths in Tuesday’s edition;

I am a moto rider and have been for many years. I used to race moto X in Canada when I was younger and now ride a dual sport bike in Costa Rica for leisure. There are way too many moto deaths in the city. This is obvious. The ridiculous part to this is that the transit police feel that checking the rider’s equipment and licensing will cut down on the enormous number of accidents and deaths.

In my opinion the reason for the deaths is largely attributed to erratic driving. Why do the police, government, and most motorists turn a blind eye as to the way these idiots ride the city streets. 90 percent of the motos on the streets DO NOT follow safety or traffic laws. They take way too many unnecessary chances. They go through red lights at will, weave around in and around cars, cut people off and then look at them like they’re at fault.

I don’t know how many times I have just about run one of these guys over trying to change lanes. A person can’t be expected to see them splitting traffic doing double any sort of reasonable speed. I have been on the highway and had a rider split between me and another driver on a two-lane highway while doing 100 kms.

The bottom line is that they do not follow any of the traffic laws and put theirs and other drivers’ lives in danger.

I don’t think checking their equipment and registration is the answer. Education and enforcement is desperately needed or the deaths will continue to accelerate. You need to get some of these guys off the streets. Maybe the police should enforce the same traffic laws as for automobiles. Sure, most of these riders don’t have much money, so traffic tickets may not be the answer. Why don’t we start seizing bikes from the crazy riders. Keep the bikes for 30 days then make them read a bike etiquette and safety manual, then pass a small test. Give them back their bikes after they pass with 80 percent or better. Slowly they might figure it out.

But most important of all, ENFORCE some traffic laws on these guys. There are traffic laws for motorbikes here, right?

Sean Cathcart
San Antonio
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