Lawmakers reject plan to continue shrimp trawling in Pacific

The current legislature has rejected a measure that would circumvent a Sala IV decision to forbid commercial shrimp fishing.

Two lawmakers representing the Puntarenas area expressed their regret over the decision and said that 300 families that depend directly or indirectly on shrimp fishing would be affected. They called for an equilibrium between environmental management and fishing.

The Sala IV accepted the argument that shrimp trawlers do serious damage to coral and also other ocean inhabitants, such as turtles.

In response, the measure, No. 18.968 quickly passed through a committee and was sent to the floor for action.

Lawmakers  Agnes Gómez and Rodolfo Sotomayor of Puntarenas blamed legislators from Partido Acción Ciudadana and Frente Amplio for killing the bill.

The Sala IV ruling does not cut off shrimp fishing. But it instructed government officials not to renew the licenses when they expire  of the operators who now have them.

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