More than 100 officers keeping the northern border secure

The Policía de Fronteras officers are out in force this week with sophisticated equipment to safeguard the northern border.

The security ministry said that more than 100 officers are on the job and that they are participating in night operations to catch drug traffickers and illegal merchandise.

Among other devices, the police have portable lights that have been donated by the United States. This gives them an advantage to put a strong light on any vehicles that are stopped.

They also have laser devices and fiber optic systems that can check out shipments in the search for drugs, merchandise and even illegal immigrants. Some devices can detect drugs hidden in private vehicles and even buses.

Smuggling drugs in buses is a technique that police have only recently managed to detect.

The northern border has always been an open door to Costa Rica. That is one of the main reasons the frontier force has been formed. This week they are using quadracycles to get around the rough areas of the border.

Particularly during holidays travelers who lack correct documentation try to bypass the border controls by trekking through the fields. In the past that has been effective.


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