Oriens to upgrade reservation service

Oriens Travel & Hotel Management Corp. said Wednesday that the company is making provisions to launch a stand-alone, online hotel search and reservation booking engine to capitalize on the ongoing developments in Central America.

“There is a large and immediate financial opportunity for us in Central America,” stated Ken Chua, president of Oriens.  “We are committed to be in line with the rising trends in tourism to specific areas within a region. We now have on-the-ground relationships, affording us economical marketing and sales access to the growing number of hotels in the region. This includes properties requiring a back-end reservation booking service, or access to a complete on-line marketing hotel search and reservation service.”

The service is undergoing design, to initially focus on Central America -— although Oriens executives said the company will likely accept all hotels signing up within North, Central and South Americas. At present the company’s technology is purely a back-end booking engine service much like HotelProxy and/or Open Hospitality. Like these booking engine service companies, Oriens provides independent hoteliers with online booking solutions. The primary difference being the company’s bilateral business model, the firm said. This model affords Oriens the ability to implement and deploy its services to a larger number of properties with greater revenue potential.

However, as things are quickly unfolding for the company and financing appears imminent, Chua said it is imperative that “Oriens must begin to generate real quantifiable revenues that investment bankers and the markets can get behind.”

“Over the past years, we have practically given our branded flags and technological services away, almost at a detriment to our financial health. Luckily, sacrifice and persistence has won, and now we are equipped with good management, five flag brands, case studies, an easily integrated booking technology, merger opportunities and investment considerations.”

Launching a standalone, online hotel search and reservation booking engine to better position real revenue generation in 2014 and significant investment and acquisition interest is key to building a strong company in this sector, he added.

Oriens, based in Las Vegas, Nevada, engages in the operation of hotels and resorts primarily in the United States and Central America under the Hotel PURE brand. The company also operates the Friendly Reservations Online, an online booking system.

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