Police put a big crimp in traditional burning of Judas

Fuerza Pública officers clamped down hard on the traditional burning of Judas Saturday and early Sunday. Officials flooded likely areas with officers and confiscated items that were going to be used for bonfire fuel.

The police reserves were called out as were officers in the Alajuela, Ciudad Colón, Escazú and Heredia stations.

Burning of Judas is a long tradition here, much like Devil’s Night in the United States. The centerpiece is an effigy of the discredited apostle, Judas. The effigies are usually hung up and burned.

But not last Saturday or early Sunday. Police said they confiscated 20 effigies as well as some ties, easy chairs and bags of garbage that youngsters were going to use as fuel.

Only eight persons were detained on misdemeanor charges. That is in contrast to last year when 54 persons were detained. Much of the activity was in Heredia, mainly in Guararí, Birrisito, Santa Bárbara and Barva, police said.

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