President-elect expected to name the rest of his team today

President-elect Luis Guillermo Solís is expected to name the remainder of his cabinet and key appointees today. He has scheduled a 4 p.m. announcement.

There are some key slots still vacant, including foreign minster. Another vacancy is the head of the troubled Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social. In all, there are 10 vacancies.

Solís said Sunday that he still was awaiting for some candidates to agree to serve.

The president-elect appears to be retaining the same number of ministries as President Laura Chinchilla has maintained. The Casa Presidencial Web site lists 22 ministers, including Turismo, which actually is an institute. Solís already has appointed a minister of sports, which was a new post under Ms. Chinchilla. Previously those duties were included in the culture ministry.

Each ministry, of course, has its own assortment of subordinates, vice ministers, offices and vehicle fleet. Solís did assign ministries to his vice presidents, thereby reducing the number of appointments.

Ms. Chinchilla split Gobernación and Policía from Seguridad Pública, although they are headed by the same person. That was in
keeping with her efforts to deliver on her promise of more security for the country.

Solís received his credentials as president-elect Friday.

Election tribunal president Luis Antonio Sobrado handed Solís his official credentials in front of a small audience filled with family members and special guests. Final election numbers showed that Solís won the second round runoff with nearly 78 percent of the vote.

Upon receiving the official document, Solís thanked his supporters and said that they must stay true on this path for change as his four-year presidency is a momentary flash against Costa Rica’s history.

“Let us not forget where we come from,” he said. “Let us not forget where we are headed and where we represent.”

Sobrado and the tribunal also gave credentials to Solís’ two vice presidents, Helio Fallas and Ana Helena Chacón. Fallas will head the critical financial ministry, the Ministerio de Hacienda. Although not exactly a ministry, Ms. Chacón was named coordinator of the social sector.

Solís’ May 8 inauguration will be held at Estadio Nacional at 10 a.m., where he will take over the presidency from Ms. Chinchilla.

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