Semana Santa already in full swing for the religious and for vacationers

Most government offices are closed or with a skeleton staff because this is the start of Semana Santa, Holy Week, which ends with legal holidays both Thursday and Friday.

The Easter season began with Domingo de Ramos, Palm Sunday, and religious processions all over the country. Still a percentage of the Central Valley already was at the nation’s beaches and other vacation spots.

The Festival de las Artes ended its 10-day run last night with a fireworks show. Despite the approaching holiday, the festival at Parque la Sabana was packed all weekend.

The Catedral Metropolitana will have prayer services and processions each evening leading up to the photogenic twin processions Friday, the first marking the journey of Jesus Christ to his death of the cross and the second for the burial of Jesus. Both are around the downtown of the capital.

These are major tourism attractions even for the less religious because they feature a whole cast of characters, including apostles, Roman soldiers and other characters from the Christian Gospels.

Tourists might have some trouble finding needed services. Many restaurants will be closed the entire week. But other aspects of tourism are in full swing in anticipation of one of the major paydays of the year.

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