Solís reported to seek genetically-modified labels

An opponent of genetically modified plants says he has received good news from the Partido Acción Ciudadana.

He is Fabián Pacheco, who is associated with Bloque Verde and the Federación Ecologista.

Pacheco, an agricultural engineer, said that representatives of the political party told him that they propose to respect those cantons that have declared themselves free of genetically modified organisms.  Some 75 of the 81 cantons have done so.

Pacheco said that the message from Acción Ciudadana also said that president-elect Luis Guillermo Solís is behind the measure.

Pacheco said that for ecologists this is a clear statement of respect and dialogue in favor of the nation’s biodiversity and food sovereignty.

The message from Acción Ciudadana also cited the need to apply labels to genetically modified products so that consumers will know what they are, Pacheco said. presumably this would include imported products. Many of the products imported from the United States contain genetically modified products.

The bulk of the modified organisms are produced by Monsanto, which also makes a weed killer to which the modified plants are immune.

The topic of modified organisms has been a controversial one for several years in Costa Rica.

Even though most scientists agree that the organisms are nearly identical to the ones that do not have modified genes, there is resistance by the public.

European countries require labeling in some cases. Others do not want products from modified organisms imported.

Solís has promised to defend the environment. He also said Monday that the two vice presidents-elect, Helio Fallas and Ana Helena Chacón, would be working to help him select members of his cabinet. He is expected to begin making announcements in a week.

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