The debate that didn’t happen generates a debate

The latest tempest in the political teapot revolves around the debate that did not happen Monday.

The Partido Liberación Nacional challenged the  Partido Acción Ciudadana campaign to a debate, but now it is clear that the party of frontrunner Luis Guillermo Solís has declined.

Melvin Jiménez Marín, the campaign manager for Solís, said in a news release Monday that there was not a precise accord on topics for the debate.

Liberación, in an email message Thursday, proposed  a debate Monday on economic terms and a debate tonight on social issues.

The president of that party,  Bernal Jiménez Monge, said that there was sufficient time to organize a team for a debate.

The party also said that there are 32 proposals from Acción Ciudadana that will increase public expenditures.

Jiménez, for his part, said that Solís had participated in 40 forums and debates already and that the party had distributed 500,000 copies of a platform outlining its plan for government.

The election is Sunday, and Liberación’s candidate, Johnny Araya Monge, the former San José mayor, has stopped campaigning but says he still is a candidate.

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