The official word is that the season is beginning to change this week

The weather experts say that the country is beginning the transition to the rainy season this week. A strong but brief downpour ran through the metro area Monday afternoon, and similar downpours are expected today in the metro area and on the Pacific coast.

There were some thunderstorms along the central Pacific early today.

Yet, this is not a time to curse the weather. Expats should wait until perhaps October to do that.

The first rains of the season are magical. Somehow the trees knew the rains were coming and put out their blossoms during the last month. With a little rain, the trees will continue with their job of putting more flowers in the country.

The Instituto Meteorológico Nacional said that today will see warm temperatures and an overcast sky followed by downpours in places. There might even be some isolated showers on the Caribbean coast, which is usually out of step from the rest of the country.

Deep down most residents have been yearning for the rain. It washes the streets, greens the garden and leaves a pleasant smell. And vegetation responds quickly.

Costa Ricans, who are used to the changes of the season generally have more appreciation of the first rains of the season. They nearly always come during Semana Santa, Holy Week, that ends Sunday with Easter.

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