This was a moooving violation with overloaded station wagon

Police found three young cows, believed stolen in San Carlos, riding in a station wagon along with three suspects.

The Fuerza Pública said that officers noticed the vehicle near the cemetery at Santa Rosa de Pocosol in the canton of Los Chiles not far from the Nicaraguan border. The presumed destination was somewhere in the neighboring country, said police.

The case was a reminder of the cow later named Milargro for “miracle” who showed up in August 2008 being transported by a pirate taxi driver. Milagro even ended up having her own Facebook page.

The discovery Saturday was not as upbeat as Milagro staring from the window of a tax. One of the small animals had died and was being used as a seat by a suspect, said police.

Two survived. Each was about 110 kilos or about 240 pounds, perhaps half grown. Police said they stopped the vehicle to investigate the illegal transport of livestock. Later by examining the eartags of the cows, they were able to trace the animals to a farm in La Tesalia de Ciudad Quesada in the  canton of San Carlos.

That discovery elevated the case to cattle theft. Police said they presumed that the cows, including the dead one, were destined for slaughter.

One of the suspects faces an allegation of aggravated robbery in Turrialba and another for home invasion in Limón, police said. The prosecutors were expected to seek preventative detention.

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