Three drug cases appear to originate in Limón

Fuerza Pública officers have confiscated three lots of marijuana and made four arrests in efforts over the weekend.

Drug-sniffing dogs inspected baggage at a bus that arrived in San José Sunday morning from Limón. One dog led police to a suitcase that contained 6.5 kilos of marijuana. But there was no arrest because no one on the bus claimed the suitcase.

Friday police officers at the same bus terminal discovered a traveler who carried what they said was half a kilo of cocaine. The man was remanded to the flagrancia court for a quick resolution of his legal situation, officers said.

Also Friday police officers engaged in a short chase to capture three persons in a pickup on Ruta 32 in Tibás. The three persons in the vehicle were detained after police found four 6.5 kilos of marijuana.

Police did not say if the marijuana is the imported variety or the type normally grown in the Talamanacas. There is a steady flow of smuggled marijuana into Limón but residents in the Talamanca mountains are known to take advantage of the naturally growing crops there.

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