U.S. woman, 24, shot by a bandit in Los Yoses

A robber shot a U.S. citizen Saturday after she refused to give up any of her possessions, judicial investigators said. The victim, Leah Brinton, 24, was taken to Hospital CalderÛn Guardia for her injuries but has since been released, according to a hospital representative at the emergencies sector.

While walking back to their hostel at Casa Yoses in Los Yoses, Brinton and two friends were met by a group of four armed men, the Judicial Investigating Organization reported. The bandits, thought to be between 20 to 30 years old, immediately asked for the womenís valuables, and one showed the women he was carrying a gun, according to the judicial report.

When Ms. Brinton refused, the man with the gun shot her in the chest. After a weekend stay in the hospital she was released Monday afternoon.

Investigators said they believe that the bandits arrived and fled in a gray car.

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