Yellow boxes are profitable when motorists become trapped

Trying to make the traffic flow better in downtown San José is at least profitable for the transport ministry.

The agency reported that 959 traffic tickets have been issued during the first week of the effort. Each brings a 49,000-colon fine, so the total take is about 47 million colons or about $94,000.

The transport ministry has established loading zones for commercial deliveries. But the big money makers are the nine so-called yellow boxes that are at high traffic intersections. The boxes are just lines cross-hatched on the asphalt. Drivers have been warned not to be caught within the box when the light turns red.

The real offenders at intersections are buses that block traffic by pulling a half length across the intersection.

One place where this has happened in the past is the intersection at the northwest corner of Parque Morazán.

But no more. Traffic police have been on duty there every day issuing tickets to those who are caught in the intersection.

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