Agents grab six persons in hijacking investigation

Agents arrested six persons who are suspected of impersonating police officers and robbing truck drivers and delivery men along Ruta 27. Monday, officers from the Judicial Investigating Organization in Alajuela responded to an anonymous tip that reported seeing two cars full of men who then robbed a truck.

According to a report from the judicial organization, when agents arrived they said they found a car had crossed before a truck transporting kitchen appliances. There two men dressed in official police uniforms held guns up to the driver to force him out of the driver’s seat as another man got into the truck.

Investigators detained the two men dressed as cops before following the truck. The driver of the truck kept driving, the report said, once he saw police in pursuit. He then got out of the truck to run, leaving the other individuals abandoned, before he too was detained.

Investigators said they seized four guns, the police uniforms, and two cars in all.

Similar complaints have been made across the country in places like Quepos, Jacó, and San José, so investigators are not ruling out possible connections. The report said that officers had been in pursuit of the subjects for approximately one month.

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