Anti-drug police detain 12 as they take down an LSD marketing ring

Drug control police came away with the largest confiscation of LSD in Costa Rican history Tuesday. According to a security ministry report, the record bust resulted from a series of raids on a major international trafficking group.

The illegal operation was broken up by a chain of police raids that happened throughout the country. Officers from the Policía de Control de Drogas found the large supply of LSD at a home in Jacó.

They reported the discovery of more than 15,600 tabs in a makeshift laboratory there.

The drug trade syndicate was made up of 12 persons, officers said. The suspects include seven Costa Ricans, two Colombians, two Dominicans, and one Israeli. A 47-year-old Colombian with the last name Higuita was the organization’s leader, according to the report.

Police simultaneously raided a bar, a farm, a building, and seven homes. In one of the other homes they found a hydroponic marijuana grow-operation.

Police said they have previously arrested other members of this same group and confiscated nearly 800 kilograms of cocaine and $600,000 in cash.

Jorge Chavarría Guzmán, the fiscal general, said after the raids Tuesday that this group had been transporting cocaine through a fake business that was supposed to be delivering food products like yucca and pineapple.

In the two decades before this seizure, Costa Rican drug police had only confiscated around 1,000 tabs of LSD total, agents said.

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