Biodigester cut power bill for pig producer 85 per cent

Want to cut the electric bill by some 85 percent. All that is needed are 9,000 pigs.

That is how Granja Porcina Toledo in Guápiles did it, according to a recent presentation.

Costa Ricans love pork, but raising pork generates a lot of waste.   Granja Porcina Toledo installed a biodigester to handle the waste and produces methane that is fed to an electrical generator.

The firm cut its monthly electrical bill form 1.2 million colons, more than $2,200, to 200,000, less than $400. The generator runs eight hours a day.

The project was outlined at the  Universidad Técnica Nacional in Atenas during a seminar sponsored by the Programa Recursos Digitales para el Desarrollo Económico Sosteniblede Centroamérica with the support of the Fundación Hivos de Holanda.

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