Birthday celebration ends in the death of four persons

A birthday party at a bar in San Pedro ended in the death of four persons at the Río Tárcoles near Jacó.

The dead individuals are three men and a young woman. The men lived in Goicoechea and the woman lived in Calle Blancos. Both are north of San Jacó Centro.

A young woman with the last name of  Álvarez survived. She told investigators that she was sleeping at the time of the crash.  She suffered a broken arm but was able to leave the car and seek help. The help was slow in coming, she said because motorists would not stop. Finally a trucker did, said the Judicial Investigating Organization..

The woman said the driver, identified by the last name of  Arguedas, had not been drinking. The young people were celebrating the birthday of a companion who had the last name of Vega. He was 24, agents said.

The third dead man was identified by the last name of Cerdas. He was 18. The dead woman, 20. had the last name of Montero, agent said.,

The party began at 11 p.m. and finished at 2 a.m. Thursday when the participants decides to go to Jacó. Thursday was a legal holiday.

Investigators said they attributed the accident to excessive speed and the driver’s lack of knowledge about the roadway. The car went off the highway and down a steep bank to the river.

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