Cañas to embrace concept of genetically modified crops

The canton of Cañas is infuriating opponents of Monsanto’s genetically modified crops. The canton is about to declare itself  in favor of the genetic approach. If the municipal council does so Tuesday, it will be the first in Costa Rica to take that action.

Most of the country’s municipalities, under prodding from Monsanto opponents, have declared themselves against the use of genetically modified seeds.

Monsanto opponents are expected to show up at the meeting.

The opponents also are lobbying for a national moratorium on genetically modified crops. Such a measure already has been introduced in the legislature.

For the most part, the modified crops are resistant to Monsanto’s herbicides, so farmers have to do much less cultivation. The most recent protest was sparked by a Monsanto proposal to grow modified corn on a small tract. Opponents feared that the pollen from the crops would enter the national gene pool of corn.

Nearly all the corn products imported from the United States contain modified products.

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