Children are the losers in teacher strike over pay

Dear A.M. Costa Rica:

I notice that the teachers strike is still going on, even after our new president got involved. Apparently they were supposed to be paid on Monday last, and that didn’t happen.

In my experience, a person who goes through the studying and certification process to become a teacher is truly interested in imparting knowledge to younger people, excepting the usual number of misfits who have weird ideas about children and somehow make it through the education and certification process.

I don’t like strikes (huelgas), but this one may be justified. Really, these people need to eat also.

The government has seen fit to establish an education system in Costa Rica and has set forth taxation and revenue collection processes to collect the necessary money to pay these individuals and insure the continued education of the population’s children. If this job was done with any sort of efficiency, then the money should have been allocated in this years budget. So, why haven’t they been paid, and where’s the money?

I would offer the opinion that a situation of this sort, lacking a rapid, firm, and lasting favorable disposition does not herald an auspicious beginning for our newly inaugurated president.

He unfortunately finds himself in the position of having to live down the scandals of former politicians who have held that office. Such things early in his term certainly don’t bode well, especially considering his comments on graft and corruption in Costa Rican politics.

On the other hand, I suppose that politicians are used to this, or why else would they seek a thankless job like that?

Unfortunately, the real losers are the children, for the loss of education, and the lack of anything to do with all that energy that they have at that age.

Joe Sullivan
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