Construction workers in river may have been upset and drunk

A Nicaraguan man was mauled by crocodiles in the Río Tárcoles after he jumped into the river. According to Cruz Roja workers, the man, Omar de Jesús Jirón, entered the river for reasons unknown but cited an argument with a friend and drunkenness as possible factors.

Jirón, who is believed to be 25 to 35 years old, was a construction worker at the Clínica de Parrita. A Cruz Roja press representative said the friend remains the case’s primary witness and key to figuring out Jirón’s motive for getting in the water.

The river that starts in the San José province and flows into the Gulf of Nicoya is known for being a popular spot where tourists can stop on their way outside the city to see sun-bathing crocodiles.

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