Cruz Roja team joins search for missing Dutch women

A Cruz Roja mountain rescue team has gone to Panamá to join the search for two Dutch women missing there since April 2.

The Cruz Roja here said that the specialized team was requested by the government of Panamá and the Dutch Embassy.

The search and rescue team is believed to be based in Barú, near the volcano of the same name, which is the highest peak in Panamá.  The area has a lot of rough terrain. The two women vanished about April 2 from Boquete in western Panamá. They are tourists Lisanne Froon and Kris Kremers.

The Sistema Nacional de Protección Civil disaster relief organization conducted extensive searchers without success. In mid-May the Panamá News reported that a blouse belonging to one of two missing Dutch women has been found in the mountains, and that the search was renewed and moved especially into Parque Internacional La Amistad. The sprawling park is the largest nature reserve in Central America and straddles the Costa Rica-Panamá border.

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