Education ministry promises every employee will be paid May 14

The education ministry said Wednesday that 828 teachers have not received pay and that 6,000 have only been paid partially.

The ministry continued to blame the snafu on moving the files of teachers and other employees to a new payroll system.

Many of the nation’s teacher are on strike in protest over the non-payment to their colleagues.

The  Ministerio de Educación Pública came out with a detailed explanation Wednesday. It said that there are 75,000 persons on the payroll, and the bulk have not been affected by the payroll problem.

The statement, which was unsigned, defended the quality of the new system, and said that a hundred employes have been working to resolve the non-payment.

In the meantime, school children have at least a full week of no classes, although some schools have teachers who are reporting to work. But in most cases, the children do not come because the parents are uncertain of the staffing at the school.

The statement said that education officials were confident that by May 14, the next payday, the system will be making accurate payments.

Of the 828 teachers and employes who have not been paid, at least 628 have been incorporated into the new system so they will be paid May 14, the statement said.

The 6,000 teachers who were not paid the extra money they earned by teaching more classes also will be incorporated into the system and paid on time, the statement said.

Technicians will be working today and Friday to incorporate into the system the 200 who have not been included yet, said the statement.

The ministry also said that some 3 trillion colons additional will be paid out May 14 to make up for deficiencies in payments since January.

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