Electronic eyes watch Atenas, Orotina, San Mateo

Sets of security cameras in Alajuela communities begin a new era of combating crime, the head of the security ministry said.

The minister, Mario Zamora Cordero, held an inauguration for the high-tech surveillance equipment and said installations in Orotina, San Mateo, and Atenas are a historic mark in preventing crime at all hours.

“Technology should always be a tool for police to benefit citizens,” Zamora said. “We have now entrusted various patrols like we’ve never done before in these counties. Now these cameras are here to enforce vigilance and to improve the security of all citizens.”

The new cameras, planned to monitor the busiest streets in the two cantons, cost 80 million colons, or about $146,000, and come  via coordination between the local municipalities and the Fuerza Pública. Officials have also set up access rooms for police with radio communication for instant alerts and screens that allow police to view the areas.

Zamora said the police have already found and arrested a few suspects because of the new monitoring techniques. Most of the crimes have been for selling drugs, according to a representative from the ministry’s press office.

Fuerza Pública will also have a modern building constructed in Atenas thanks to a recent donation from its municipality.

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