Exports reported to be on upswing

Costa Rica’s export sector is making important strides which are producing more jobs and better  businesses, according to a recent Estado de la Nación report. The national performance monitor showed that the sector is succeeding through an increasing diversification in products and international connections.

However, it warns of a clear break between the export industries and local markets that is hampering maximum productivity. The Estado’s investigation said diversification, competitiveness and productivity remain the marquee concerns for exporters.

The Estado is designed to evaluate overall human development in Costa Rica through a set of social, economic, environmental, and political measures. Numerous other organizations helped collaborate in this research work, including the Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social and the Ministerio de Economía, Industria y Comercio.

The groups relied on looking through necessary goods made in Costa Rica to better understand the country’s production ability. This allowed them to analyze information like employment and sales in regards to medium- and micro-sized businesses, according to a report from the Estado.

As shown in the study, the amount of exported goods and services has grown steadily since 2000. Still, other areas like manufacturing and agriculture exportation have remained stagnant. And despite overall growth, numbers pointed to declining exports to the United States and developing countries.

A director from the Estado program, Jorge Vargas Cullell, said these findings are not only valid, but can also help the country’s economic fortunes by bringing new strategies to the table.

A full presentation of the findings will be given next Tuesday morning at the Hotel San José Palacio. One of the major discussion topics will be the change in the exporting structure over the past few decades.

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