Florida Bebidas agrees to help fight poverty

Florida Bebidas, the beverage firm that has subsidiaries making beer, fruit drinks and other products, has entered into an agreement with the  Instituto Mixto de Ayuda Social.

The firm will send its 1,500 employees to identify person in the metro area in extreme poverty and generate programs to benefit them.

The institute is the government’s main poverty-fighting agency.

The agency and Florida Bebidas will work to develop programs that help persons at risk and to help them move out of their negative economic circumstances, said the agency.

The law that created the agency allows it to enter into such joint agreements with private firms.

Experts at the Universidad de Costa Rica are expected to help the beverage company obtain the information it needs to develop programs, the  Instituto Mixto de Ayuda Social said.

Eventually the program might be extended to other parts of the country outside the metro area, the institute said.

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