Head found at Tárcoles believed to be croc victim

A head found in Río Tárcoles is believed to be that of Omar de Jesús Jirón, who was a victim of crocodiles in the river earlier this week. Police officers from Jacó made the discovery early Thursday morning.

Locals notified officers they found other body parts that had ended up on the banks of the river. Agents have since taken the remains to check if the DNA matches that of Jirón, a young Nicaraguan man who was working construction in Costa Rica at Clínica de Parrita.

Investigators said Jirón was heavily intoxicated after drinking liquor and entered the river near the Río Tárcoles bridge, though his friend repeatedly advised him not to. According to a press representative from the Judicial Investigating Organization, agents believe that Jirón walked down under the bridge, removed his clothes, and then dove into the river to swim.

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