Here are some quick steps to fail the driving exam

The transport ministry has outlined some quick ways to fail the driving exam for a motor vehicle license.

Tops on the list is showing up for the test under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Having an accident will result in failure, too, the agency said.

Also driving more than 120 kilometers an hour during the test is guaranteed failure, said the Ministerio de Obras Públicos y Transportes. That’s nearly 75 miles per hour.

In all there are 31 major errors that will result in failing the test, the ministry said. Some of the obvious ones are showing up with a vehicle in bad condition or going through a red light. But the ministry also says that showing up five minutes late also means failure.

The major errors cost a would-be driver 32 points. Since 80 points out of 100 are required to pass, the candidate has to wait 15 days to retake the test.

And add to the list running down a pedestrian. That, too, is a no no.

The ministry said that the list of rules will going into effect Tuesday. They are an effort to make driving tests more consistent.

Fortunately most expats who have a form of residency and a foreign license can obtain one in Costa Rica without taking the written and driving tests.

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