Home invaders target residence of elderly couple

An elderly couple were robbed at their home in La Uruca on Monday night. Burglars wearing ski masks ended up taking $12,000 and 3 million colons in cash, along with collectible watches and other jewelry, according to a report from the Judicial Investigating Organization.

They broke in around 8 p.m. while Fernando León Ortiz, 79, and his wife Ana Isabel Arías Ramos, 69, were in a bedroom. The bandits were carrying firearms and tied the couple up while searching for the valuables. They found two safes that contained the money and jewelry.

Once the robbers fled, the couple was able to call 911 for help. Officers arrived to conduct an initial investigation and realized the gates around the house had been opened during the day for pool maintenance.

At least three persons were involved, said Xinia Zamora of the Judicial Investigating Organization press office.

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