Illegal fish nets are called a continual problem

At least 10 fishing traps have been confiscated weekly by Costa Rica’s coast guard in enforcement of legal fishing practices. A security ministry report said that its Servicio Nacional de Guardacostas officers are regularly trying to counter the unregulated fishing happening in the Goflo Dulce on the country’s south Pacific coast.

Coast guard commander Félix Villalobos said the mangroves around Golfo Dulce are a breeding ground for many species of fish and that his unit has put an emphasis on apprehending those who catch the fish during the hatching period.

He added that the net traps, called trammels, are prohibited from the entire gulf.

In other areas of Costa Rica, trammels are allowed but the size of the openings are controlled, according to a ministry representative. Trammels can not only interrupt the egg-laying process, but also catch a number of young fish.

Villalobos said that they found one trap set up just two miles from the coast guard station and located on the main dock in Golfito. It was taken down within a few minutes of its installation.

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