Investigators seek help in locating paintings stolen in Heredia this year

Judicial investigators are seeking the help from the pubic to locate three oil paintings that were stolen from a home in Santa Bárbara  de Heredia.

The Judicial Investigating Organization said that the theft happened toward the end of March and the beginning of April. The homeowner, a man in his 70s, did not notice the theft for some time.

He is believed to be a  collector with many paintings and objects in the home.

Judicial investigators did not name him, but the works are widely known to have been in the collection of historian Milton Arguedas Salas.

The paintings are a 1944 work  called “Rumbo a la ciudad” by Pedro Ortíz,  “Retrato,” done in 1934 by  Fausto Pacheco, and the  1930 work called   “Retrato niña Herediana” by Rigoberto Moya.

The works were stolen frame and all. Judicial investigators said that they are collectively valued at 150 million colons, about $280,000. Judicial investigators obtained photos of the works from art books.

Any leads can be emailed to judicial police at

Paintings frequently are targeted by sophisticated thieves who have a place to sell them. Some private collectors will buy stolen works because they are cut rate.

There have been severals thefts in the last few years. A notable crime was at the Escazú home of Jonathon Harris  in October 2011.

No one was home but the crooks arrived ready to commit a robbery.  They wore ski masks, said judicial investigators at the time.

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