José Lino Chaves is back to head environment court

This news will not be good for polluters, those who build on public land or for destroyers of mangroves.

José Lino Chaves has again assumed the position of president of the Tribunal Ambiental Administrativo, the independent environmental court in the Ministerio de Ambiente y Energía.

Chaves served since October 2012 in the Laura Chinchilla administration as vice minister for Agua y Mares.

In the announcement of his selection to again head the tribunal, Chaves was quoted saying that he was particularly concerned with the deterioration of the mangroves, the contamination by sewage in the metro area where controls have been lax, the large expanses of agricultural land and real estate projects that are causing environmental damage.

Under his leadership, the tribunal conducted sweeps on both the Pacific and Caribbean coast and haled many landowners and developers into environment court.

He said in the announcement of his selection that he would conduct a strong offensive against environmental crimes.

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