Kids’ creations are centerpiece of fashion show

Eight students have been chosen to premiere their clothing designs at Papaya con Leche’s next fashion show. Their clothing collections intended for girls will be produced by store designers and will follow the Fruiti-licious theme set by the store’s founder, Kata Kis, the firm said.

The selected students are in grades one to 12 at the La Paz Community School in Guanacaste. They will be showcasing their fruit-themed collections in the May 17 show at the Hotel Diria in Tamarindo. Ms. Kis said she will also be showing her newest set of bikini designs at the event in which all the wearables are named after fruits.

All proceeds from the night are to be donated to the scholarship fund at La Paz. Ms. Kis, who has been designing clothes in Costa Rica for 16 years, said the fashion show is a valuable chance to impassion local youth in the art of fashion design. “It’s how I started, so I just wanted to pass it on,” she said of getting into the design business.

Kerry McClennen, an English teacher at La Paz, said the experience of working in a professional environment at such a young age is invaluable.

“Cultivating creative expression has great benefits for the kids and having the tangible outcome literally materialize in front of their eyes is a great success of this partnership with Papaya con Leche,” she said. “Being able to contribute a creative spark in a professional environment teaches teamwork.”

The show, which promises to reveal top bikini styles and young girls fashion through tops, dresses, and accessories, will begin at 7 p.m. Papaya con Leche is a bikini brand that has developed top-flight swimsuits for its Tamarindo clientele since its inception in 1998. The store also makes dresses and bridal wear. Tickets are available at Papaya con Leche’s storefront located at Hotel Diria.

“I organized this competition to inspire creativity in the fashion design field and have the kids witness how their own designs will come to life on the runway,” Ms. Kis said.

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