Lawmakers proposes help for teachers without money

As the strike by public school teachers completes its second week, a lawmaker has proposed a bill that would prevent creditors from taking legal action against victims of the government snafu.

Marvin Atencio Delgado proposed that Thursday.

Also Thursday, Sonia Marta Mora, the new  minister of Educación Pública told lawmakers that many more teachers have been affected by the failures on the ministry payroll system than had been cited previously. She put the number at around 12,000.

She also said that officials still do not know what went wrong.

The education ministry was transferring its payroll to a new compute system, and much of the data appears to have been incorrect. The exact reason still is unknown. Technicians have been working for weeks to figure out the reason.

Teachers have been marching, and most are ignoring classes as away to pressure the administration.

The teachers have rejected an offer by the Luis Guillermo Solís administration for a series of three payments.

Officials said that they cannot guarantee that the same errors might not crop up in the next payroll deposit. Some teachers have been underpaid or not paid at all since January.

Delgado would impose the debt collection ban until August. The chances are that the payroll problems will be cleared up before the bill gets through the legislature, but the spirit of the bills sends a message to financial institutions and others who might consider legal actions for debts owed by teachers.

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