Man in Pérez Zeledón faces claim he beheaded dogs

A man in Pérez Zeledón is accused of breaking into the home of his stepfather and stealing the family’s three dogs that he later beheaded.

The man was detained in the mountains at San Antonio de Pejibaye de Pérez Zeledón by police officers who arrived too late to save the pets.

The man is accused of taking a chain saw, a machete and other machinery from the stepfather’s home and using them for his grim task.

The Fuerza Pública said that the man was under an order not to approach the home because of a previous allegation of domestic violence.

Police were notified by the stepfather who believed his stepson had entered the home and took the tools and animals.

The detained man, identified by the last names of Naranjo Jiménez., was remanded to the flagrancy court on allegations of theft, violation of a domestic violence order and violence toward animals.

These are some of the tools used.

These are some of the tools used.

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