Monday is designated day for a vegetarian alternative

Stop eating meat on Mondays and it might just impact the world. Or at least the people at Humane Society International think so, as they team up with Costa Rica Beer Factory in Barrio Escalante to offer a weekly night dedicated to vegetarian food called Lunes sin carne, or “meatless Mondays.”

Jenny Brown of the Humane Society International in Costa Rica said the collaboration begins this Monday with a private sampling event, but then becomes accessible to the general public every Monday starting the next week. She said if there are fewer people eating beef or chicken around the globe, not just their personal health but also the environment can be helped.

“The point of meatless Mondays is that its a simple way to make a big impact of what you’re consuming,” Ms. Brown said. “Meat production and animal production in general can increase global warming. It’s one of the largest sources of greenhouse gases in the world.”

She said this movement to be meat-free also contributes to eliminating water pollution and individual carbon footprints. Why the focus on Mondays? Ms. Brown said studies have shown that when people start things at the week’s beginning they are more likely to continue with them after time.

Managers at Costa Rica Beer Company have prepared a menu with six different vegan and vegetarian dishes that will debut on Monday and be available for the rest of the week. Humane Society International leaders are trying to rally more restaurants and businesses around this green-friendly cause to promote vegetarian alternatives around Costa Rica.

Though the group mainly works within the country by helping marine and wildlife, Ms. Brown said her primary responsibility is towards cattle and farm animals. This is a worldwide effort on the part of Humane Society International, which estimates that about 70, million animals in farms around the world being prepped for food purposes.

“This campaign is new here to Costa Rica but its part of a global-wide movement,” she said.

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