Monsanto protest planned for Saturday

Preserve Planet, the local environmental organization, will be demonstrating against the Monsanto Corp. Saturday at the Plaza de la Cultura. The 2 p.m. protest will be part of  a worldwide movement against the U.S. agrochemical giant.

Luis Diego Marín Schumacher, the organization’s coordinator, said the worldwide protest is expected to involve 3.5 million.

Among other products Monsanto created genetically modified crops that withstand the firm’s herbicides. That way farmers do not have to cultivate their crops so often.

But the coordinator notes that this has led to legal action as Monsanto tried to prevent unauthorized use of its genetic material. The company blames farmers if the wind brings modified pollen to their fields to create seeds, he said.

Marín Schumacher also said that he expected the new administration to respect those cantons that have declared themselves free of genetically modified agriculture and also to require labeling of packages containing such products.

He said that he expects a national moratorium on genetically modified organisms to be approved, It is in the legislature as No. 18.941.  He also said he expected a decree to reform the Comisión Técnica de Bioseguridad that has approved the use of genetically modified seeds.

He said that the biodiversity panel should be independent of the technical-scientific culture and include participation for the public.

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