More complaints sought on supernatural fixer

A Colombian man who claimed supernatural powers is serving three months of preventative detention while prosecutors seek others who may have fallen for his pitch.

This is the man who was detained May 13 in the Plaza de la Cultura upon separate complaints from two young women.

Prosecutors Monday identified him by the last names of Londoño Rodríguez., although they said he used other names in his business. They said he was in the country illegally.

The allegations are fraud. He is accused of taking 400,000 colons for supernatural intervention.

The man has a technique of approaching young women as they walked through the Plaza de la Cultura and telling them that their mental state was at risk and that others were trying to do them harm, according to the complaints.

In one case, a woman was told that something bad was to happen to her boyfriend, prosecutors said.

The man employed various rituals, including some that took place in nearby coffee shops, said prosecutors. Others took place in a motel, prosecutors said. In addition to the rituals, the man sold a cross for protection, they added.

A Judicial Investigating Organization summary said that agents suspect that there are more victims and they are asking them to come forward.

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