Mrs. Bender convicted of husband’s 2010 murder

A criminal trial panel in Peréz Zeledón convicted Anne Maxin Patton Tuesday of the 2010 murder of her multimillionaire husband.

This was the second attempt by the state to convict the woman. She has been acquitted by a similar panel Jan. 21, 2013. Judges said that there was not sufficient evidence that she had killed her husband, John Félix Bender, 44.

This time the three-judge panel imposed a prison sentence of 22 years and remanded the woman to prison for nine months until a higher court reviews the case. An appeal by the defense is likely.

Bender earned in excess of $600 million with a mathematical approach to Wall Street investing.

He ran several arbitrage funds before suffering a stroke in 2000, according to online sources.

Mrs. Bender, who is a Brazilian naturalized as a U.S. citizen, was detained shortly after the death. They lived on the  5,000-acre Refugio de Vida Silvestre Boracayán in La Floridad de Barú de Peréz Zeledón.

The death was in the couple’s  five-story 8,000-square-foot glass-walled showplace home. The couple were alone at the time. Bender was said to have been bipolar and had attempted suicide previously.

In the Costa Rica judicial system, an acquittal on a criminal charge is not final. Neither is a conviction. There are many ways to appeal.

The Poder Judicial announced the decision and said that the prosecutors were Edgar Ramírez, and Luis Oses.

Because the couple were alone when the fatal shot was fired, prosecutors had to argue in both cases from inferences derived from the evidence. Mrs. Bender said that her husband fired the fatal shot into his head.

Judicial agents said during the initial investigation that there were inconsistencies in the death scene that led them to characterize the case as a murder.

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