Municipal strike ends with accord to purchase more garbage trucks

The Municipalidad de San José and striking employees reached an agreement Monday night, and the walkout ended.

A key element of the agreement was a study of the contract now held by a private garbage hauler. The Defensoría de los Habitantes  will make the study. The agreement is with Promotora Ambiental, S.A.B. de C.V. of Monterey, México, which signed an initial agreement with the municipality in late June 2012.

Another aspect of the settlement is that the private firm will only serve in a supporting role and that the collection of garbage will remain the work of the municipality. The employees union was worried about privatization.

Mayor Sandra García Pérez  was involved in the negotiations.

Employees walked out Monday and said part of their complaint was the poor shape of the vehicles used to collect garbage.

The mayor agreed to begin the purchase two more trucks this month and then two more with any surplus in the municipal budget at the end of the fiscal year.

In addition, the municipality agreed not to take any action against striking workers or to dock their pay, according to a summary provided by the union.

The municipality also agreed that it has no plans to privatize its guard service or the Policía Municipal.

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