New sex scam book called mixture of fact and fiction

An expat who will not give his name has penned a book about
a sex scam and troubles with the police and judiciary in Costa Rica.

The book is called “Escaping Costa Rica.” The book was submitted to A.M. Costa Rica by an intermediary. The book is described as a combination of both truth and fiction. If the beginning is fact, the author experienced a rough arrest.

The book has been posed on Amazon Kindle, and the first five chapters are available fescaping052914or reading without making a purchase via this link.

According to the summary there: “Dave, a self-proclaimed womanizer, leaves his troubled past behind him to start a new life in Costa Rica. Unfortunately, his perceived ‘life in paradise’ is riddled with trials and tribulations. A reckless and thoughtless lifestyle finds him caught up in an under-aged sex scam, landing him a 20-year prison sentence. Contemplating suicide, he reflects on his distorted past and the events leading up to his arrest.”

Unlike the book character, the author is described as someone who has lived here 10 years.

There also is a Web site for the book.

At the very least, the book might serve as a warning for those new arrivals who believe that all laws here are mere suggestions. As some expats can confirm, law enforcement is very aggressive when they believe that a foreigner is involved with an underage woman. They are less aggressive, as a court case showed, when those involved are government ministers, soccer stars and others among the elite.

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