Officials hoist diversity flag

Costa Rican government agencies are marking Saturday, the national day against homophobia, by flying the multi-colored diversity flag at public offices. The flag went up Thursday at the  Ministerio de Cultura y Juventud (left).

Casa Presidencial will do likewise today.

Ana Helena Chacón, a vice president, asked that public agencies do that. The day is called in Spanish the  Día Nacional Contra la Homofobia, Lesbofobia y Transfobia. A decree signed in 2008 urged government agencies to mark the day.

The action by the Luis Guillermo Solía administration presages possible actions in the legislature to create civil unions for same-sex partners. The new government’s attitude towards the issue became obvious inauguration day when the minister of Turismo, Wilhelm von Breymann, received permission to escort his long-time male partner to the activities in the same way other ministers were escorting their wives.

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