Party of president-elect wins leadership positions

Luis Guillermo Solís, the president-elect, got a legislative leadership that he can work with Thursday.

His political party, the Partido Acción Ciudadana, made agreements with lawmakers from two other parties in the legislature to win leadership posts.

Henry Mora Jiménez of Acción Ciudadana will preside. He is one of 12 lawmakers from his party in the legislature.

Partido Unidad Social Cristiana contributed eight votes and saw two of its members elected to leadership positions. Frente Amplio with nine lawmakers in the 57-seat body contributed its nine votes although the party did not seek leadership positions.

Also voting for Acción Ciudadana candidates was Jorge Arguedas Mora, who won election on the Frente Ampio ticket but was rejected by the party leaders when a domestic violence situation became known.

Also voting for the winners was  Víctor Morales Zapata, who was rejected by Acción Ciudadana after he won nomination.  He ended up running in the general election but is considered an independent.

Marcela Guerrero also of Acción Ciudadana was named vice president. The terms are for two years.

The Partido Liberación Nacional presented its own ticket. The party has 19 members in the legislature and has the capacity to block any motion that requires a two-thirds vote.

As part of the agreement with the  Unidad Social Cristiana, Acción Ciudadana pledges to work toward a reform of the government and the Constitution and to hold legislators’ pay raises to the increase in the consumer price index.

For its votes, Frente Amplio won concessions on a long list of current and proposed bills.

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