Police confiscate thousands of pounds of cocaine at two locations

Fuerza Pública officers in the Quepos area uncovered 965 kilos of cocaine hidden in beach vegetation. Meanwhile the anti-drug police conducted a raid in Guácimo to find more than 731 kilos of suspected cocaine.

The larger haul was at Playa Linda, Savegre de Aguirre. Police said a routine patrol turned up the hidden merchandise. Officers had to carry out the bales of cocaine. The merchandise was flown to San José.

The raid in Barrio El Hogar in Guácimo turned up 1,069 packages of cocaine badly hidden in a home. The suspected drugs were in barrels partly buried in the back yard of the home. Officers detained a 77 year old and a 43 year old in the home. Both are Colombians.

Also discovered in the home was a selection of firearms.

The confiscations were over Friday night and Saturday morning.

In another drug-related incident, Fuerza Pública officers and agents of the Policía de Control de Drogas detained two Canadians and a U.S. citizen after they stopped a car in the canton of Mora. The security ministry said that the officers found marijuana and 27 ampules of morphine.

The Canadians were identified by the last names of Garrity and Brishke. The U.S. citizen was identified by the last name of  Basset, said the ministry.

Officers also said they found more than 24 million colons, about $64,000. and  $54,920 in U.S. currency.

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