President Solís talks about rescuing Ruta 1856 in his first visit there

Luis Guillermo Solís Rivera got a first-hand look Friday at one of the challenges of his administration. He visited the Ruta 1856 that contractors built rapidly along the Río San Juan.

This is the highway that is the subject of criminal investigations.

President Laura Chinchilla authorized the highway when there was a threat from Nicaraguan troops who had invaded a small part of Costa Rica.

Solis later said that a lot more work has to be done on the highway to make is sustainable. He spoke about drainage systems, ways to capture sediment and also the possibility of making the stretch two lanes.

He was accompanied by  Carlos Segnini Villalobos, the minister of Obras Públicas y Transportes, and Luis
Guillermo Loría Salazar of the  Laboratorio Nacional de Materiales y Modelos Estructurales at the Universidad de Costa Rica

The sense was that an overall redesign was needed. The materials laboratory is expected to be deeply involved. The president and his minister were talking about rescuing the highway before the forces of nature inflict heavy damage.

Solís also ordered that timber that was cut illegally during the construction of the highway should be shipped to the Central Valley where it will be used to make desks for schoolchildren.

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