Program to pay teachers cost nearly $1.2 million

The Costa Rican government paid nearly $1.2 million for the Integra2 payroll system that is at the center of the failure to pay teachers their correct salaries if at all.  In a 2008 contract signed by members of the Ministerio de Educación and Grupo Asesor en Informática S.A., the two sides agreed to an exact sum of $1,172,400 for the service.

A representative from the Grupo Asesor confirmed Wednesday that the company is the producer of Integra2. The company advertises itself as a creative leader in information technology that can reinvent customer organizations.

The local firm works with Costa Rica’s central government with the same uniform system designed to pay the public employees.

According to Grupo Asesor, the system is responsible for facilitating salary payments to 120,000 active and retired government workers.

In response to the broken payment technology, angry teachers throughout Costa Rica continue to strike for a third consecutive week.

After seeing teachers go so long without pay, President Luís Guillermo Solís and the Ministerio de Ecucación Pública announced a plan with the country’s banks to pay the salaries for some of those effected.

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